Brave Enough for Black?

Black kitchens are becoming more and more popular as people are looking for scheme that stands out.  They are dark, dramatic, and uber-chic.  A black kitchen oozes sophistication which is why it is one of the top kitchen colour choices for 2022.

While a black kitchen might seem like a bold choice, there are lots of ways which you can work black into your colour scheme if an all-black kitchen is a step too far. Perhaps consider a two-tone kitchen with the cabinets a paler colour with the island in black which helps break up the colour.  Alternative go for a monochrome look with white worktops can also help breakup the colour.



The trend towards black kitchens was gradual, with black granite and marble countertops starting the trend.  Then came a move towards black appliances, which are often seen as superior to the standard silver or stainless steel. Now, homeowners are seeking to add black cabinets, floors and accessories within their kitchen design.

Introducing a hefty hit of black is a brilliant way of giving a plain white kitchen some oomph. While white and grey kitchens are timeless, they can sometimes look bland without any contrast, so black makes the perfect partnership.

However, there are times when maybe too much black can be overpowering, especially in a small space or a narrow kitchen. Consider getting rid of wall units and leaving walls open to give more of an airy, uncluttered look.  The key is to ensure there is plenty of natural light getting inside the kitchen.

Due to the increase in black kitchens, burnished brass and gold kitchen fixtures such as handles are becoming increasingly popular too.  They add warmth to a kitchen that chrome doesn’t do. The warming qualities of these metallics are perfect to add a sophisticated finish for door furniture. Taps and even lighting will help keep the look matching.






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