Choosing the Right Cupboard Handles for Your Kitchen


Handles aren't always the most exciting detail to pay attention to when planning a kitchen makeover. For some people it's an after thought but for others it a big focal point of the kitchen.  Today there are so many choices and finishes it can make it hard to decide.  The main thing to take into consideration is whether your handles suit the style kitchen, and does the colour match?

When choosing your handles, you need to consider style, size and finish and this can have a big impact on your kitchen.  We have partnered up with a few established manufaturers such as Armac Martin and Crofts and Assinder who offer a wide choice of handles.  Their designs are unique and made from the finest materials.



There are a number of ways to add interest to your kitchen. Mixing handles is one way.  For example mixing cup handles and knobs or lock and catch with cup handles.  It not only adds interest but at times can help keep the costs down too. When picking the finish of your handles, it's  important to bear other features in mind too such as taps, worktops and the colour of your cabinetery.  Textural accents can create a more intriguing feel to the overal look of your kitchen.  

Another thing to consider is how much use a particular cupboard gets used.  For instance a heavy-use cupboard might be suited to a more pratical style such as a T-bar as it provides ample grip.  For those that we going for a more minimal look, perhaps a handless kitchen might be more suited.

Will my handles date?  We get asked this question a lot and the answer is it depends on which ones you select.  For example, a few years ago the copper trend was very big and it is seems to have died down now.  This needs to be taken into consideration and whether you are willing to replace the handles at a later date and whether the cabinetery will be damaged.

Armac Martin's latest range is the Crossways, an elegant and luxury collection which hints at an art-deco style. The stylish geometric design is perfectly at home in a contemporary or more traditional kitchen, blending function with decorative flair. The range can be entirely customised to suit your needs and style, available in finishes such as antique copper, satin chrome and chocolate bronze.

The Crossways range features a number of exciting new designs such as ring pulls and drop handles, which again nod towards a retro theme. By utilising these handles on free-standing furniture such as a display cabinet, you can create an eye-catching feature piece, without compromising on function.

Textural accents can bring about a more intriguing feel to the overall aesthetic, and offer a more bespoke experience.

We can guide you on the handle and colour choice as much as possible, but the final decision needs to be yours.



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