Miele Laundry Appliances

Since it was founded in 1899, Miele have remained true to its brand promise “Immer Besser” and this applies to its range of laundry appliances too.  All appliances are tested to the equivalent of 20 years and are designed to last.  Some appliances have an wifi enabled app, controlling your laundry has never been easier. Some models even have a 9kg drum capacity which is perfect for larger households.

Why choose a Miele Washer??

Long Lasting

Intensive endurance tests have been carried out during the development stages to ensure the highest quality is met.  Included in these tests is appliances washing for 10,000 hours approximately 5000 washes.  This equates to 5 programmes per week on average of 2 hours and therefore 20 years!

Automatic Dispensing Detergent

TwinDos is now build into most Miele washing appliances.  It automatically dispenses Ultraphase 1 and Ultraphase 2 at the appropriate times of the wash process.  You can alter the dosage depending on soiling too.  It also reduces the amount of washing detergent you use by up to 30%, as it only disperses the exactly amount depending on your load size, soiling and water hardness.



Energy Efficient

Most models feature an intelligent automatic load recognition.  This analyses the current load and uses only the required amount of water and electricity needed for excellent results.  A quick wash is available for energy efficient smaller loads.  Most models have the A+++ rating.

Stain removal

An amazing 23 different types of stains can be treated in a Miele washing machine and up to three types at one given time.  Selected the correct programme is simple and the wash programme with adjust accordingly.  The integrated stain removal guide in the display advises how to treat the stain.

Looking after your delicates

Certain items which may require special treatment can be dealt with the portioned capsules.  Simply place in the fabric conditioner compartment and its dispenses at the correct time of the wash process.  These include 6 choices Sports, Down, Outdoor, Woolcare, Silkcare and Proofing agent.

Wifi Conn@ct

Have full control of your machine at your convenience using the Miele App on your smart phone or tablet.  Whether it’s to set the correct programme, temperature, pause or cancel it’s all possible on the app.  You can even order replenishments.

Why Choose a Miele Dryer

Similar to the washers many tumble dryers now come with a larger 9kg drum.  Wifi Conn@ct is also possible on most dryers too.  The main benefits are listed below:

Perfect Drying

Thanks to mineral sensors this makes precise drying possible.  This means your laundry is dried thoroughly.  PerfectDry which is patented records the amount of calcium in the water and adjust the drying process accordingly. This ensures that your laundry is not too dry or too wet.

Fresh Smelling Laundry

With the Miele fragrance flacons available in 5 fragrances, your laundry will never have smelt any better! The fragrance is released into your laundry leaving it smelling pleasant for up to four weeks.

Less creases

The build in steam smoothing programme means less ironing! At the start if the drying process, water is sprayed into the drum which creates a fine mist which is heated by the drying air.  The steam penetrates and smooths the laundry, resulting in either quicker or no ironing!

Economical and environmentally friendly drying

Tumble dryers can be environmentally friendly: Miele heat pump tumble dryers achieve an A++ energy efficiency rating with ease. Appliances with the highly efficient Miele ProfiEco motor and a regulated compressor work even more economically and actually achieve an A+++ energy efficiency rating. This saves money and you have the advantage of drying laundry with a clear conscience.






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