Wolf Gourmet Countertop Appliances

Sub-Zero and Wolf are market leaders in luxury appliances and refrigeration units.  They also offer a range of gourmet counter top appliances which we have in display in our showroom.  In their iconic Sub-Zero and Wolf stainless -steel, these appliances bring quality and convenience to your life.

What makes these items so unique?  Well this blog gives you an insight into their Blender and Toaster


Whether it's smoothies, soups, crushed ice or purees, this high-performance blender can do it all and it's quieter than your average blender!  Power with precise control for consistent results every time.  Be prepared to change the way you make food using this blender. Homemade pesto and mayonnaise is so much simpler with its emulsive cap which slowly drizzles liquids such as oil as it blends.  Its one touch setting makes soups super easy too.  Simply place all your ingredients into the Blender and it blenders and heats your soup up at the same time.

This multi-tasking kitchen must-have will chop vegetables, puree sauces, whip cream, churn butter, grind grains and create smoothies beyond compare. Cleaning is super easy too.  Simply add a couple of drops of washing liquid and some warm water and switch it on for a few seconds.  

Key functions:

POWERFUL MOTOR: 2.4 peak HP motor propels the blades to speeds over 210 mph
VARIABLE SPEED KNOB: Ultra-responsive variable speed knob allows you to manually blend ingredients to your exact preference
INTUITIVE LCD PANEL: Intuitive LCD control panel keeps you informed about details as you blend, from blending time to selected speed or program setting
4 PROGRAM SETTINGS: 4 program settings offer consistent results and walk-away convenience: Smoothie, Ice crush, Puree and Soup
QUIET: Unique design for quiet blending

The possibilities are endless!

Watch a demo here:



However you like your toast...light, dark or in between, this toaster is for you!  Handle the thickest slice of bread with its wider compartments.  Make use of its advanced toasting technology to keep your toast warm whilst you finish cooking your eggs

Welcome to high-performance toasting with results artisan bread lovers have been craving for years. This toaster handles the thickest slices with aplomb and gives you precise control for the full continuum of the toast-browning spectrum from crisp and pale to dark brown with a distinct crunch. With advanced toasting technology, this toaster also keeps foods warm until you are ready to enjoy them. Unique self-centering bread guides deliver perfectly even results, regardless of bread type. Thin slices of seven-grain bread, thick slices of rich and tender brioche, and freshly-baked sesame bagels from the corner bakery can all be toasted to your exact preference at the touch of a button. It’s time to expect more from a toaster.

Never eat cold toast again!

View a demo here:


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