Miele Generation 7000

Founded in 1899, Miele has always pushed excellence and believe there are no limits.  As Miele Partners, we were fortunate to attend the launch of the new Generation 7000 range where Miele proved they are at the forefront of cooking technology.

So what’s all the hype about? Here are the Key Highlights:


Dialog Oven

A completely different way to cooking.  Traditional ovens will cook from the outside in.  However, the new Dialog Oven will cook throughout which ensures a perfectly cooked meal without compromising on the results.  Meat will be moist and not dry and baking with see an improvement in texture.

Miele’s Dialog oven features revolutionary technology and sensors that contain a constant dialogue with the ingredients to cook food in its entirety.  Thus allowing you to be confident with putting meat, fish and vegetables at the same time and each item will be cooked to perfection.



Taste Control

We all lead busy lives and get distracted whilst trying to cook. With The Gen 7000, at the end of a cooking cycle the doors will automatically open ajar and therefore cool down the oven.  Within just a few minutes the temperature with drop by 100C.  In addition, a maintenance temperature can set so that food stays warm or leave meat to rest. No more burnt or overcooked food!


Food View

Have you ever wanted to check whether your food is actually done without opening the oven? With Food View, an internal camera is built inside your oven enabling you to view on your smart phone or tablet using the Miele@Mobile app.  So whether you’re in the garden or just nipping down to the shops, you can view your food from any location and adjust the temperature!



Dual Steam

Mieles most powerful oven to date! Dual Steam works so fast it locks in flavour and nutrients. As always one degree increments means sous vide cooking is possible.


Miele Motion React

Your oven can now sense when you are nearby and turn the display and internal lights on! It will also turn off any end of cycle messages.


Miele Intelligent Pan Recognition

If you move a pan between cooking zones, the Miele induction hobs will immediately detect this and light up the controls for its new position. This makes it quick and easy to adjust the temperature of new cooking zone, using the intuitive Smart Select controls. It also retains its heat setting and means more freedom and flexibility. 



Impressive stuff!

More Info

If you require any more information, why not visit us in our Leicestershire showroom open 6 days a week where we have a large range of Miele product on view.  We will be happy to give demonstrations of talk to you more on your individual requirements. 



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