Why Novy?


Novy, brings life into the kitchen

Despite being around since 1965, Novy is still relatively unknown in the UK market. However, Novy are bringing some very interesting premium products to the market. Towards the end of last year we have had a number of customers enquiring about Novy products (particularly the Novy One hob / extractor) and what makes the Belgium brand so unique. These days the kitchen has become a multifunctional living space and the very heart of our homes. Gone are separate kitchen and dining rooms and it’s all about open plan. From cooking and preparing meals, enjoying a drink with our friends and family to even our children playing in the same space. Novy brings life into the kitchen by producing silent and highly efficient cooker hoods and hobs that guarantee a pleasant time in the kitchen. No more shouting!!

(A recent installation of a Novy One Hob / Extractor unit)


The main benefits Of the Novy One / Novy One Power hob extractor are:


  •  direct extraction at the source
  •  extraction tower disappears almost invisibly into the hob
  •  4 cooking zones with different power
  •  equipped with the basic functionalities
  •  discreet and elegant design
  •  red touch control operation
  •  surface and flush installation possible


Why choose Novy products?


With a specialist in kitchen ventilation you expect all models to have very low noise levels as standard. A Novy cooker hood is designed to be quieter than the sound of your cooking.


Perfect down to the last detail. Since Novy made its first cooker hood in 1965, it has aimed for perfection through robust and smart designs. Producing the very best quality is in the genes of all Novy employees. This approach runs through every aspect of the process.


Stylish and discreet design. Kitchen equipment should not stand out or be conspicuous. Quite the opposite. Novy understands the power of subtlety and its designs are based on understated lines and an eye for detail. A sophisticated design always includes functional ease of use.


Innovation and pioneering character. The world of kitchens is constantly changing. Novy keeps a finger on the pulse to keep up with the latest trends and developments at all times. As a result, today a new generation of products has been created. They set the tone for the future with regard to discretion, simplicity and ease of use, but also with regard to technological sophistication and, of course, quietness.

Pure craftsmanship

Novy puts quality first and you can feel it. The highest standards are maintained in our designs and technology and also in terms of the finish. Novy uses carefully selected high-quality materials for its cooker hoods. It is this, together with the immaculate design, that creates the sense of luxury. A Novy cooker hood is pure craftsmanship: made with skill and precision. They are so confident in their products that it also comes with a 5 year guarantee!

Powerful performance in your kitchen

Did you know that Novy developed its peripheral extraction system 50 years ago? How does it work? The base plate creates a narrow gap around the edges of the cooker hood, through which all odours and vapours are quickly extracted. Not only does this increase the efficiency to 95%, but the position of the grease filter behind the base plate is also an aesthetic solution. It is made from several layers of aluminium with different densities to ensure maximum possible absorption.

When this aerodynamic technology is combined with a powerful motor with noise damping, you get a cooker hood that eliminates everything that could cause a nuisance in your kitchen. Clean air thanks to recirculation technology.

In some homes, a cooker hood with an external air outlet is not possible or not allowed for architectural and energy efficiency reasons. To provide a solution for this contemporary form of kitchen ventilation, Novy introduced recirculation with the monoblock filter. which absorbs unpleasant smells and removes the need to remove the extracted warm air via an external outlet.

As well as saving energy, a recirculating cooker hood also gives you more freedom in designing your kitchen, is easier to install and often has an excellent design.

The Novy one is currently on display in our showroom.


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