Why choose a bespoke kitchen?

By choosing a bespoke service, every project is unique from the type of worktops, appliances down to the handle types and colour. In comparison, high street brands can only deliver up to a point in terms of materials, standardize size cabinets and colour. With a bespoke kitchen there is no compromise in terms of quality or fit. Any awkward corners can also be addressed as it’s all made to measure. We work closely with our clients to ensure the design and spec is to their requirements.

A genuinely bespoke kitchen is different. Every detail is considered, every method of construction, every fixture and fitting is there by design. Whether our client needs custom storage for vintage wine collection or cabinetry for an awkward alcove, a bespoke service by Charnwood Kitchens & Interiors will deliver a project that has been designed and manufactured to meet those exacting requirements.

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