The Pantry

The Pantry

Despite being an old-fashioned word, the “Pantry” is perfect for modern day living and reducing visible clutter. In more recent years the pantry is now the essential component of the kitchens design.  Here at Charnwood Kitchens we have been making pantries for many years in various shapes and sizes.

Pantry below has been designed to fit into this compact kitchen.  With adjustable shelving combined with racks for condiments and spices it’s the ideal solution.  It’s also the perfect size for all kitchens. 

A Mini Pantry means that all dry foods can all be stored in one central place.   A great space saver for compact kitchens, the Mini Pantry means dry goods can still be stored in one central place, as well as integrating appliances such as microwaves or food mixers. When you’re rushing to throw together a quick mid-week meal it’s really handy to have all the dry ingredients in one easy-to-reach place. 

The below Pantry has been designed to utilise the room to its maxium potential with this curved large units.

They are also super versatile so rather than be classified as a general dry goods pantry, it could be a breakfast pantry with the toaster and kettle tucked away out of sight. Today we all seem to love nothing more than putting things away and reducing visual clutter as much as possible, so pantries – despite being such an old-fashioned concept – are actually perfect for modern living.

With spice racks mounted onto the doors, an in-built wine rack, useful deep drawers and a handy worktop, this wonderful piece is a great addition to any busy family kitchen. Removable solid oak trays and soft close oak drawers. Our pantries can be primed to be painted in any colour of your choice and with adjustable shelves.

Whatever your needs, full-height, double doors, integrated drawers – tell us what’s important and we’ll come up with some options to meet your requirements.

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