Top Tips for Buying a New Kitchen

5 Top Tips on Choosing Your Ideal Kitchen

Creating your dream kitchen takes some planning, and everyone has different needs. Charnwood kitchens are here to help you across every step of your journey, but here are some top tips to consider

1. Assess your needs

Consider the size of your kitchen and what you want will you use it for mainly. Are you a keen cook and spend a lot of time in your kitchen? If you are, think about the amount of worktop space you have. Do you have a family and require an open plan kitchen where you can have family meals together?, and no high stools for kids to climb on or fall off! Also for small children consider the height of your appliances and worktops and the finish e.g curved rather than straight ends for safety reasons.

It’s important to understand your lifestyle to help create your perfect kitchen.

2. Budget

We understand that everyone has a budget and for many it’s a huge investment. If you’re a keen cook, then appliances are going to be important to you and worth the investment. You may need to designate your priorities but again we can assist and help with alternatives which you may not have considered. Once you have chosen your kitchen furniture, the main variables that change cost are appliances and worktops within the kitchen. We can work closely with you to get a kitchen within  budget.

3. Research

Do your research. Buy magazines, look on social media, visit showrooms and speak to friends. Gather all your ideas together and write down all your notes so you have them all in one place. Share your ideas with us and we can come up with a plan that should fit your needs. However, don’t worry if you don’t have time to do any of this, as we can help you regardless. We are on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest so have a look! Also an important thing to consider is the style of your house. Make sure your kitchen suits the style of your house.

4. Work closely with your designer

Trust us we have been doing this for over 30 years and know our stuff. Come and visit us in our showroom and discuss your ideas. If we don’t think something will look right, we will give you our honest opinion as we want you to be happy with your kitchen. Be honest with us too. If you don’t like something, just tell us and we can adjust things for you. We do detailed 3D plans so you can see the end result.

Example of a what a plan will look like

5. Choose the right materials

We pride ourselves ipon our high quality. We may not be the cheapest but at least your mind is at rest that your kitchen will be bespoke and built to last.. A well made kitchen should last you years. Every material you choose comes with both a price and an alternative. Each also has its pros and cons. Whilst you may love the look of granite or quartz, your needs or your budget may not be such that granite/quartz is the best choice for you. Always consider your options and how they can best fit into the overall design of your new kitchen.


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