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At Charnwood, the core of our working belief is on a simple and unremitting focus 'a passion for detail', which is reflected in our design process. Our designers use state of the art technology in order to meet your precise requirements. No matter what you require we have a solution for you. We will guide you through the often daunting array of choices and options available in the process of planning your kitchen, always listening to what you want and what you must have.The steps of the whole process are highlighted below:


Initial Consultation

Successful kitchen design is all about problem solving as well as customizing a space to suit your lifestyle. To do this well, we must identify your needs, assess your budget and the space in which you have to work, and choose the correct hardware that will enable the kitchen to function efficiently. Style and decoration are important, but they are the final phases, the finishing touches that are applied once the basic architectural elements are in place.
The initial consultation is carried out at our showroom to develop an understanding of your requirements.
Specifics such as type of door, work surface and appliances will all be detailed, this is the blueprint to build the initial foundations. Your viewing experience in the Showroom will inspire by the vast choice open to you, which may indeed influence your design requirements.

Site Visit

One of our designers will collate the dimensions of the room that you wish to transform.
Specific fixtures that may affect the layout of the design shall be noted at this point then the design of the kitchen will proceed over the next few days.


We will create an exact plan alongside a 3D computer generated visualisation of the proposed feature. This enables customers to visualise exactly how their kitchen will look. In some cases, hand drawings we may also supplement the plan with hand drawings to ensure the exact details.
Once the design is finalised a quote will be compiled and pictures of the design will be presented for you to take away.
Once the design and specifics for your perusal are finalised, a 25% deposit is required to book the kitchen into our production schedule.
We can also offer a full Interior Design package working in close partnership with Evolve Design & Interiors.

Final Survey

Once all the details are agreed the final survey will take place. The aim of the final survey is to review and check all details / measurements and to provide an opportunity to raise any queries you may have. A schedule of works carried out will also be drawn up and discussed to provide a road map as to how long the project may take.


All the production of your new furniture is carried out in our own factory. Customers are often invited to see their furniture in the different processes of production. All of our furniture is crafted to the highest level using only the finest materials available.



Installation may take a few days or run into a couple of weeks depending on the type of the project. We have a team of professional fitters who install kitchens day in day out. We also have fully qualified plumbers and electricians who work closely with our fitters to make the best job possible of your new kitchen. Our plumbers and electricians will always provide you with the correct certification of all work carried out. All of the work is project managed by ourselves so our customers receive the minimal amount of disruption. All work such as tiling, plastering, electrical or building work can be scheduled in and taken care of by our professional team of installers. Our project managers will keep you informed at every stage of installation to give you piece of mind.


The completion check takes place once the installation is complete, this is when the designer / project manager will visit to ensure everything is in order and that the customer is 100% satisfied with their new kitchen. Once complete all our work / products are guaranteed.




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